Atomium – European Institute for Science, Media and Democracy (EISMD) – brings together some of the most authoritative universities, newspapers and businesses in Europe in the first intersectoral platform to promote knowledge sharing and “out of the box” thinking on issues regarding the development of a European knowledge society.

Atomium – EISMD was launched publicly by the former President of France Valéry Giscard d’Estaing and by Michelangelo Baracchi Bonvicini, currently Honorary President and President, and by the leaders of the institutions engaged during the first conference on the 27 November 2009 at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Atomium – EISMD seeks to balance the interests and needs of six different societal actors: researchers, universities, businesses, media, policy makers and, most importantly, citizens.

Atomium – EISMD, focussing on the role of science in the 21st century, seeks to align the five key areas:

1) Science-Based Policy Making

2) Science Communication

3) Education

4) Equality and Equal Access

5) Innovation through Collaboration

Aligning these categories with respect to each other will enable European citizens to successfully account for all the varied faces of society in an ultimately positive way.

Atomium – EISMD brings together 25 universities, over one hundred thousand researchers, over one million students, seventeen newspapers, around ten million European readers per day, and some of the most important businesses in Europe with a total turnover of 720 billion Euro.

Activities are based on the exchange and transfer of knowledge between the different institutions and sectors engaged in the platform. The umbrella of EISMD directly coordinates:

Atomium – EISMD  is organised under the Law of Belgium as an International Non-Profit Organisation (Association International Sans But Lucratif).

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