AI is not merely another utility that needs to be regulated only once it is mature.
It is a powerful force that is reshaping our lives, our interactions, and our environments.

Luciano Floridi
Professor of Philosophy and Ethics of Information
and Director of the Digital Ethics Lab at Oxford University,
Chairman, Advisory Board AI4People.

AI4People does not aim to define new regulations for AI but to draft a set of ethical guidelines aimed at facilitating the design of policies favourable to the development of a “good AI society”.

AI4P is Europe’s first global forum on the social impacts of artificial intelligence. The goal is to create a common, public space for laying out the founding principles on which to build a “good AI society”. For this to succeed we need to agree on how best to nurture human dignity, foster human flourishing and take care of a better world. It is not just a matter of legal acceptability, it is really a matter of ethical preferability.