The aim of AI4People is to draft a set of ethical values, principles and recommendations aimed at facilitating the design of practices and policies which are favourable to the development of a “good AI society”.

The specific goals of AI4People are:

1. Establish a global forum on Artificial Intelligence, open to representatives of governments around the world, European institutions, civil society organisations, relevant media and leading businesses; and, through this forum:
2. Identify the core values that should inform an ethical framework supporting an optimal development of AI
3. Design a European ethical framework for a “good AI society” based on (2)
4. Include in the framework designed in (3) the recommendations of actionable measures for its successful implementation
5. Build on (1) to create a Permanent Committee for a Good AI Society, to support and inform policymakers on the ongoing evolution of AI-driven technologies and applications which have an impact on society.

While the core aim of AI4People is to create a “good AI society” in Europe, it is likely that the principles and policies it develops in the European environment will also be applicable to the rest of the world.