1st Semester Activities

Phase1 ”Proof of concept”

Atomium’s aim is to advance step by step with the intermittent goal to hold a public pilot roundtable in March 2019. At the roundtable, latest research will be presented for first discussion in a closed environment with selected stakeholders from the corporate sector, policy and civil society to obtain initial feedback on the concept.


• 11 October 2018: Discussion of scoping paper in the science committee kick off meeting;
• Work by experts on further flashing out the paper;
• Mid-February 2019: Initial draft of paper by CAPUR’s risk experts finalised;
• March 2019: Low-key pilot roundtable (by invitation only) in a suitable venue in Brussels (European Parliament or similar) with presentations on latest research in the field, followed by a moderated discussion.


Expert presentations sharing latest research on the key areas identified

• A draft paper ready for discussion with key stakeholders
• A report from the Pilot roundtable for the information of participants