Advisory Board

The Advisory Board serves as the main advisory group for the development of REIsearch.
Bringing together leading representatives of the key European institutions and organisations engaged in the dissemination of science and innovation results to society at large. The outcomes of the deliberations of the Advisory Board serve as a guide for the Steering Committee when making its decisions.
Members of the Advisory Board are:

Stephane Berghmans, Chairman of the Advisory Board
Cissi Askwall, Secretary General of Vetenskap och Allmanhet (Science and Society);
Morten Busch, Science Communication Specialist, PhD at Novo Nordisk Fonden
Donatella Castelli, Italian National Research Council and Technical Director of OpenAIRE;
Anna Maria Fleetwood, Head of External Relations of the Communication Department of the Swedish Research Council;
Alexander Gerber, Director of the German Research Centre for Science & Innovation Communication;
François Heinderyckx, President of the International Communication Association;
Martin Hynes, Chief Executive of the European Science Foundation;
Natalia Manola, OpenAIRE;
Joan Marsch, President of the European Association of Science Editors;
Wilfried Ruetten, Director of the European Journalism Centre;
Markus Weisskopf, Director of Wissenschaft im Dialog (Science in Dialogue);