Special Expert Groups

The Special Expert Groups of REIsearch (SEG) serve to advise and provide insight on specific areas of thematic interest to the future development of the project and platform. Each group will have sufficent members reflecting the desired expertise relevant to the theme of the group. Expertise will be sought from a range of sectors (CSOs, Industry, Academia, Media and Policy).

There will be a number of SEGs, each with a thematic focus:

Data and Sharing: The group will have a focus around the areas of data and sharing, broadly conceptualised. The range of issues surrounding data are issue such as data integrity and security, attribution, copyright, preservation and access. The Special Expert Group on Data and Sharing is currently being set-up and will be operative from mid-2015.

Citizen and Inclusion: The group’s focal points will be citizen science; engagement; communication; marginal groups and barrier to participation.

Policy and EU: This group will center their attention in areas as National Policy; DAE, H2020; EC priorities; CSO engagement.

Innovation and Valorisation: The group will be focusing on the following areas: industry; media; communication; added value; etc. How can the various contributors to the platform gain from contributing?