Towards a Good AI Society – Tony Blair opens the Summit

The Summit, hosted at the European Parliament in Brussels on 6-7 November, opens with a keynote from former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair on Europe’s competitiveness, discussing possible guidelines for responsible use of AI and its impact on jobs, consumers and society and contributes to formulating a broad strategy for a society where potential benefits of automation can be realized by all. The Reisearch launches its third campaign to assess and promote the digital skills of Europeans and unveils a new platform to expand the dialogue between researchers, citizens and professionals.

Towards a Good AI Society Summit, hosted at the at the European Parliament, sees keynote speeches from UK’s former Prime Minister Tony Blair, Huawei’s Chairman Howard Liang, DG Connect’s Director General Roberto Viola and Elsevier’s Chairman Ron Mobed. The event brings together global figures in the areas of government, industry, research and civil society to debate how to respond to the social challenges introduced by digital technologies such as big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity, and social and new media. In this context, particular attention is dedicated to how the potential benefits of AI can be realized by all.

The Summit presents the most relevant efforts led by the European Commission and others for drafting guidelines to encourage the responsible application of AI and Europe’s competitiveness in this field. The event discusses topics as diverse as the digital economy, the use of algorithms in criminal justice and cyberwarfare, reflecting the broad potential scope and impact of digital to help formulate a broad European strategy for responding to the challenges and opportunities.

The Summit also presents the outcomes of the third year of REIsearch’s project, supported by the European Commission and Parliament to assess and improve European digital awareness and skills. Data collected by REIsearch on more than 10.500 users shows more than 56% of EU citizens is still lacking the basic skills to navigate the new digital world. The data was collected in October by REIsearch’s 2018 campaign launched across Europe in six languages (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish). The initiative is supported by the European Commission and Parliament, and benefits from the collaboration of nine leading European media organisations, , Der Standard, El País, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Les Èchos, Irish Times, Il Sole24ore, Público, Euroscientist and Elsevier.