AI: The Next Big Thing For Small Businesses, Too

Every business leader is incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into their 2020 growth plan.
Large companies are all over it, using AI to win customer loyalty by creating highly personalized experiences. But what about smaller operations? Can startups and other small firms use AI and advanced analytics effectively without wasting precious time and money on technologies that even the experts are still working to operationalize?

The answer is a resounding yes — but only if they do it right.
Small business marketing teams can use AI to handle repetitive tasks like cleaning up data so their lean staffs can focus on putting data to work in identifying consumer patterns and testing the efficacy of sales campaigns.

Once grounded in such practical intelligence, entrepreneurs can use AI to turn data into their bottom line’s best friend. At businesses large and small, AI may well live up to its hype as a harbinger of a “new industrial revolution.”

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