I4People, Europe’s first Global Forum on AI ethics, launches at the European Parliament

20th February 2018, Brussels: AI4People, Europe’s first Global forum on the social impacts of artificial intelligence, was launched on February 20, 2018 by Atomium – European Institute for Science, Media and Democracy, at a meeting at the European Parliament. AI4People does not aim to define new regulations for AI but instead to draft a set of ethical guidelines aimed at facilitating the design of policies favourable to the development of a “good AI society”.

AI4People was born as a spin-off project from last year NGI Summit organized in the framework of REIsearch, a pilot project supported by the European Parliament and European Commission.

In line with Atomium’s mission and previous endeavours, AI4People’s goal is to bring together independent experts, researchers, decision makers and industry and civil society delegates to create a common, public space for laying out the founding principles on which to build an environment nurturing human dignity, foster human nourishing and take care of a better world.

To tackle the ethical implications of new technologies like AI in the European market, and to engage the public in the initiative, AI4People is to proceed on two main fronts:

1. The launch of the Forum that allows the participants to contribute in the creation of the Ethical Framework for a Good AI Society.

2. The AI4People Summit to be held at the European Parliament on November 5 and 6. The event will see the presentation of the stable draft of the Framework and host world level speakers on the social impacts of AI. To read the full report on the AI4People Summit, follow this link.

More than 50 delegates from industry leading companies as well as Civil Society Organizations took part in the open discussion, and all the invited participants were invited to confirm their participation to the Forum by the end of March.

To read the complete details on the AI4People launch, follow this link.