2018 Deliverables


1. Ethical Framework for a Good AI Society.
The Forum will drive the creation of the first major product of AI4People: an Ethical Framework for a Good AI Society. The Framework will include values, principles and recommendations for policies and practices favourable to a ‘good AI society’. The Ethical Framework, the development of which will be led by the Chair of AI4People’s Scientific Committee, Professor Luciano Floridi, will incorporate the perspectives of Forum members expressed at February’s kick-off meeting and at a members’ meeting in June, as well as during bilateral discussions over the next several months.
The publication will integrate contributions from all stakeholders participating in the Forum (academic experts, civil society organisations and relevant business actors).
The Ethical Framework will also draw on the empirical findings of a related effort to map the kinds of AI and related services that are currently under development. As such, the Framework will therefore be a synthesis of existing perspectives, informed by outside-world developments, to provide a shared basis of understanding from which to proceed. The Framework is an essential first step towards the broader effort to design a Good AI Society.

2. Presentations to stakeholders.
During the first year, representatives of AI4People will also present progress to stakeholders, including representatives of the European Commission, members of the European Parliament, and partners from industry and civil society on an ongoing basis.

3. AI4Media.
Beginning 2018 AI4People is developing AI4Media: a password-protected stream of news and studies, designed exclusively for AI4People’s media partners. Atomium-EISMD’s network presently includes several major European outlets, such as Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, El País, Il Sole 24 Ore, The Irish Times, Luxemburger Wort, La Libre Bèlgique, Publico, Der Standard and Les Echos.