2019 Deliverables


1. Best Practice Guidelines for AI

A key priority for the second year will be to turn the Ethical Framework for a Good AI Society into a set of substantive guidelines for applying AI in Governance. The Recommendations of our previous document and its 20 Action Points (AP) are the starting point of the work. Most of the issues on how to assess, to develop, to incentivise and to support a Good AI Society entail complex matters of governance. The Governance of AI sets the level of abstraction, in order to properly tackle four magnitudes of complexity on regulation, know-how, possible solutions, and evaluation. This process will seek to generate a White Paper for Governance of AI. Once produced, the White Paper will be presented at high-profile meetings and global summits, such as the World Summit on AI, Le Web Summit, Slush, the Consumer Electronics Show and the Internet Governance Forum.

2. Permanent Committee for a Good AI Society.

Midway through the second year, work is expected to begin on the process of turning the AI4People Forum into a permanent Committee for a Good Governance of AI Society. The Committee will be independent and composed of experts, civil society representatives and industry partners. Its function will be advisory and consultative, and its mission is likely to be to support and inform policymakers on the evolution of AI-driven technologies and applications which have an impact on society.

3. Synergies.

From Web Summit to Slush and Ars Electronica, the number of large-scale events and conferences on digital society is constantly growing across Europe. Atomium-EISMD will connect with the largest and most relevant of these (particularly those with over 20,000 attendees) to seek to showcase the work of the Forum and the findings of public consultation.