2020 Activities

Towards a Good AI Society

The core objective of AI4People’s third year is to transform the perspectives, discussions and findings gathered during the previous two years into world-leading programs and policies which will help ensure the creation – and broad acceptance – of a model for a Good AI Society.


1. AI4People Forum. At the heart of the third year will be the activity of the AI4People Forum, open to representatives of governments, European institutions, civil society organisations, relevant media and leading businesses. Members will be invited to attend three meetings in Brussels:

February 2020: Presentation of the Agenda for 2020.
June 2020: Members of the Forum receive an update on the progress
on the major initiatives in Year 3: the development of the CorporateCharter, the high-level policy recommendations, and the Global Mark of Compliance.

October 2020: AI4People Summit and presentation of the Corporate Charter,
the Global Mark of Compliance and the final policy recommendations.

2. Corporate Charter. Immediately following the Second Summit on AI, work will begin on scoping the development of a Corporate Charter of ethical principles for tech firms and other corporations working with AI and related technologies. The charter is likely be derived from the principles and guidelines of earlier deliverables, but to relate specifically to corporations dealing with AI in its various commercial contexts. It is anticipated that this effort will be lead by the corporate members of the Committee for a Good AI Society in concert with the wider network of industry and political representatives who have participated in AI4People forum. Since many of the industry groups involved may not be based in Europe, the Corporate Charter will be presented at a global level, engaging with figures in other regions such as North America and China, to ensure that the Charter’s recommendations can have a positive impact at a global level.

3. AI4People Summit. The third AI4People Summit will be held in October 2020 at the European Parliament in Brussels. The Summit will allow for reflection on the wide range of initiatives launched by the AI4People Committee and facilitate discussions about taking these forward beyond the length of the AI4People, solidifying its legacy: the creation of a Good AI Society.



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