2020 Deliverables


1. Policy recommendations.
In early 2020, the Committee is will seek to undertake analysis to decide how best to utilise law, standards and regulation to accommodate the new capacities, practices and behaviours enabled by AI. This may include case studies and testimony regarding the impact (including unintended consequences) of the General Data Protection Regulation, in areas such as algorithmic transparency. The Policy Recommendations are likely to draw together the lessons learned from this analysis with findings from the preceding public consultation to generate a series of laws and regulations, designed for the European context, which would secure the benefits and mitigate the risks of the widespread adoption of AI in society. It will also be important to consider the impact that AI can have on policymaking and implementation more directly, and to consider the specific ethical challenges this poses, in areas such as ‘predictive policing’ and the use of drones in warfare, for instance.

2. Global Mark of Compliance initiative.
The major output of the third year is expected to be the Global Mark of Compliance initiative, with the aspiration for this to pilot-launch in mid-2020. The Global Mark of Compliance will be a quality certification mark certifying ethically sound uses of AI. The Mark may be applied in different contexts, including for companies who have signed the Corporate Charter; for specific products or services which adhere to the Best Practice Guidelines; and for AI designers and engineers who complete a programs of study in digital ethics. It is hoped that the Mark of Compliance will become a recognised and respected certification of ethically sound practices.



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