AI4People’s aim is to draft a set of ethical values, principles and recommendations aimed at facilitating the design of practices and policies which are favourable to the development of a “Good AI  Society”: starting from Ethics and evolving into Governance.

The specific goals of AI4People are:

1. Consolidate its multi-stakeholders forum on Artificial Intelligence, open to representatives of governments around the world, European institutions, civil society organisations, relevant media and leading businesses; and, through this forum:

2. Promote the core values, principles and recommendations published in the AI4People’s Ethical Framework for a Good AI Society”, supporting an optimal development of AI

3. Design the Good AI Governance Report based on (2)

4. Include in the Good AI Governance Report (3) the recommendations of actionable measures for its successful implementation in a short term

5. Build on (1) to create a Permanent Committee for a Good AI Governance, to support and inform policymakers on the ongoing evolution of AIdriven technologies and applications which have an impact on society

6. Promote citizen’s engagement and awarness on AI and its ethical implications on Governance

While the core aim of AI4People is to create a “Good AI Society” in Europe, it is likely that the principles and policies it develops in the European environment will also be applicable to the rest of the world.



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