From driverless cars to the use of machine learning to improve healthcare services and the financial industry, artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping our daily practices as well as fundamental aspects of our societies. However, AI is a technology very different from any other. It is not merely another utility that needs to be regulated only once it is mature; it is a powerful force that is already reshaping our lives, our interactions, and our environments. It is part of a profound and ongoing transformation of our habitat, and it has a deep environmental nature. As such, its future must be supported by a clear socio-political design. The transition from an entirely analogue world to one that is also increasingly digital will happen only once in the history of humanity. We are creating the digital world in which future generations will spend most of their time. We must do so responsibly and mindfully.

This is why Atomium-European Institute for Science, Media and Democracy, is launching AI4People, the first global forum in Europe on the social impacts of artificial intelligence.

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