AI4people’s 2023-2024 Activities

Considering the new landscape that we will face in the coming years in the light of the new European Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA) proposed by the European Commission, companies will need to translate concepts into verifiable criteria and to strengthen the institutional safeguards concerning conformity assessments.

In 2023-2024 AI4People will run its activities:

1. Following the legislative process for the AI Act by aggregating suggestions and reccomendations from the partners. A report, which will be shared with the EU institutions, will present the shared recommendations. The policy committee will be composed by representatives from academia and business. It will be chaired by Robert Madelin.

2. Moving “from principles to practice to requirements to standards”. This is a project on AI Ethical Impact Assessment (AIEIA) methodology to define requirements and standards and other features such as conformity assessments and post-market activities. Businesses will be able to share the result of their internal work on the subject with the aim of creating a shared and broad result; A small parallel project reserved for engineers has been proposed by some business partners and will be coordinated for businesses that want to participate (not mandatory). More details on this will follow.

3. Promoting a broader debate on assured quality in AI auditing as a promising mechanism to bridge the gap between principles
and practice in AI ethics and assure legal compliance in a given jurisdiction;

4. Launching the AI Global Mark of Compliance, as a distinctive mark that companies compliant with the established standards and requirements (point 1) may request – a process also in cooperation with standardisation bodies (among these IEEE);

5. Presenting the AI4People’s Manifesto during the final Summit. The Manifesto will frame how we expect the global marketplace for AI to be framed and enabled by regulation. This will be a summary of the final report and will be signed by business partner leaders and Committee members. The aim is to obtain great visibility for our results towards both policy makers and the public at large, through a top-down approach. In light of this, the manifesto will also be signed by President Felipe Gonzalez and by the former heads of state members of the Atomium’s Advisory Board and will be sent to the head of states of the countries in which AI4People is represented by its business partners (US, EU, UK, Japan), to the President of the European Commission, to the President of the European Parliament, to the Secretary General of OECD, to the US National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office and to the media partners of Atomium-EISMD;

6. Organising the final Summit at the European Parliament for the presentation of the results. This will be a big event similar to the Summit organised in December 2018 where with Tony Blair we presented the work of 2018. As in previous editions, the Summit will involve leading speakers from policy, academia and business. This edition will also be promoted by the members of the new AI4People’s Advisory Board, of which Robert Madelin is the new Chairman.

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