Cornelia Kutterer joins the ECAI High-Level Group

28th October 2019, Brussels: Cornelia Kutterer – Senior Director of EU Government Affairs, Privacy and AI Policies, Corporate, External and Legal Affairs at Microsoft – joined the ECAI High-Level Group which will be preparing and confirming the contents for the European Consultation on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI).

The European Consultation on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI) organized by AI4People’s media partners with the participation of the European Commission and the European Parliament – was set up to organize an extensive and first of its kind consultation of the public-at-large on Artificial Intelligence, across twelve European Countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom.

The results of this extensive and international public consultation will be presented in July 2020 by AI4People, with ECAI’s media partners, to the newly elected President of the European Parliament and to the newly elected President of the European Commission.

Ms. Kutterer is responsible for privacy and AI policies in the EU with a focus on digital transformation and ethical implications. She currently leads a team working on corporate affairs and regulatory policies, including competition, telecom and content regulation, responsible data use and privacy.

Previously, Ms. Kutterer headed the legal department of the European Consumer Organization (BEUC), driving the policy agenda for consumers’ digital life. She has extensive experience in Information Society & Internet policies at European level and speaks regularly at regional and international conferences.

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