The European Consultation on Artificial Intelligence (ECAI) -coordinated by Atomium-EISMD – was set up to organize an extensive and first of its kind consultation of the public-at-large on Artificial Intelligence, across twelve European Countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany,  Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom.

Engaging citizens in this crucial debate -and collecting their opinions on one of the most relevant subject matters of our time- is an utmost priority in order to create policies considerate of the public’s opinion on AI, its Ethics and its Governance. Case studies from the Business Partners will also be included in the initiative with the aim of bringing them to the attention of the public at large.

The results of this extensive and international public consultation will be presented in November 2020 during the AI4People Summit, with ECAI’s media partners, to the newly elected President of the European Parliament and to the newly elected President of the European Commission.

 Format and Methodology 

The media partners support the public consultation both through traditional offline channels as well as various online channels. Offline, through the hard copy version of their outlets, a series of articles presenting ECAI to their readers will be published, while introducing the public consultation itself.

Online, the media partners will introduce – via their digital outlets and social media channels – the consultation itself, which on a weekly basis will present readers with a diverse series of questions. Each question will be linked to an informative article giving citizens in-depth,
scientifically backed information.

The methodology of the consultation has been decided in agreement between the Knowledge Partners and the Media Partners.

ECAI High-Level Group (update October 10th)

AI4People is managing the creation the ECAI High-Level Group, which will be discussing the questions and the articles that will be submitted to the citizens in November 2020. Case studies from the Business Partners will also be included in the initiative with the aim of bringing them to the attention of the public-at-large.

The group will meet three times (starting from November 7th 2019, in February and in May 2020) and will be composed by various members from different sectors.

Until now, the members engaged are:

– Mr Michelangelo Baracchi Bonvicini, Atomium-EISMD;
Mr Janne Elvelid, Facebook;
Ms Patricia Fernandez de Lis, El Pais;
Ms Giulia Del Gamba, Intesa Sanpaolo;
Ms Eva Kaili, MEP;
- Ms Cornelia Kutterer, Microsoft;
– Mr Robert Madelin, AI4People Scientific Committee; University of Oxford;
- Dr Aisha Naseer, Fujitsu Laboratories of Europe Limited;
- Ms Maj-Britt Peters, Audi AG;
- Mr Danny Van Roijen, COCIR; Coordinator of the ECAI High-Level Group;

Knowledge Partners

AI4People serves as ECAI’s Knowledge Partner and has the function of scientifically validating the contents of the consultation.

The consultation will be launched publicly by the Media Partners in November 2020 and will continue for 3 consecutive weeks.


For coordination and institutional relations purposes ECAI is supported by Atomium-EISMD.

For editorial purposes ECAI is supported by AI4People’s Editorial Committee as well as its media partners.



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