How To Improve Your Hybrid Cloud Security Posture

A hybrid cloud infrastructure is fast becoming the norm for enterprises. Multi-cloud environments often include a mix of on-premise, data centers and DevOps containers. Applications and services within the cloud infrastructure vary widely and change over time, so it can be difficult to establish visibility, maintain high security standards and ensure compliance.

Risk assessment is the process of identifying, estimating and prioritizing the information security risk so that you can understand the current exposure level and take steps to fix the most important issues. It’s not feasible to completely secure everything, so you must work out what is critical to your business and focus your efforts there.

As written by Forbes, the hybrid cloud cuts across traditional barriers and siloes, so you need to step beyond traditional on-premise security tools to find ways of controlling access. Every individual, whether an internal employee or a third-party partner, should only have access to the data and systems they require to do their job. Consider multifactor authentication, and make sure that you have a clear audit trail explaining who accessed what and when.


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