Post-COVID Summit – new panel on VENTURE CAPITAL

Post-COVID Summit now features a two-hour panel on VENTURE CAPITAL!

Session 3 on “The Future of Venture Capital, Economic Interdependencies and Financial Markets” will now include a panel that is entirely devoted to “Unlocking society’s benefits through Venture Capital and Start-ups in the Post-COVID Era.”

This conversation will take a closer look at the impact of the pandemic on the specific market of venture capital. How is it possible to promote innovation and long-term investment through start-ups? Furthermore, which industries will prove the most resilient in attracting venture capital in the Post-COVID Era?

Business representatives, subject experts and experienced investors will tackle these challenging questions by engaging in an in-depth discussion about the future of venture capital. They will also propose different ways venture capital can unlock potential benefits for the global economy and explain how market and non-market actors can develop positive synergies in reshaping major global industries.

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