Post-Covid Summit

The Post-COVID Summit
17 – 19 November 2020

The Post-COVID Summit is a virtual summit organised by Atomium-EISMD that will be held November 17th to 19th, 2020, to shape the crucial debate on the Post-COVID Era by exploring and developing valuable new insights from academia, business, and policy-makers.

COVID-19 and the set of containment policies and monitoring measures that have been implemented on a global scale have changed how we both work and live. As history shows, such crisis-induced changes are not always temporary: crises can fundamentally reshape our beliefs and behaviours.

How can policy-makers, businesses and citizen proactively prepare for a post-crisis world, rather than simply waiting for a return to the past? What will this Post-COVID Era following the development of a vaccine be like?

Major disruptions can lead to fundamental shifts in social attitudes and beliefs, thus paving the way for new policies, ways of working, needs and behaviours, some of which persist in the long run.


How will COVID-19 affect
Beliefs and Behaviours?

Long-term changes in social attitudes, policy, work, and consumption are likely to emerge from this pandemic. Similarly, a greater emphasis will probably be laid on crisis preparedness, systems resilience, social inequality, social solidarity, and access to healthcare. Some commentators already suggest the plausible acceleration in nationalistic tendencies, as well as a possible “great decoupling” of international interdependencies.

Such attitudinal shifts could be echoed by compelling policy changes in many areas, including transforming society, healthcare, economy and finance, technology, policy-making, and business innovation. National politics could also be impacted, as the electorate will evaluate the effectiveness and adequacy of governments’ responses.

As a consequence of transforming attitudes and policies and of the direct experience of the pandemic, we are already undergoing a change in how we work, notably a sharper focus on remote working, digital collaboration, workplace hygiene, and protections for temporary workers.


Shaping the Post-COVID Era

Atomium-EISMD shapes this crucial debate with the Post-COVID Summit, by exploring and developing valuable new insights from academia, business, and policy-makers and by embracing powerful ideas from key sectors and fields of expertise.

Leading experts from key areas, including social sciences, healthcare, economy and finance, computer science, and policy-making, will yield their crucial insights into how their specific field will both emerge from the current COVID crisis, and shape the Post-COVID Era:

  • Which ideas will leading academia experts want to advocate? What will they think of how their areas of expertise are being affected and of how that might also impact other areas?
  • Which practical measures should companies implement to address the Post-COVID Era? Which best practices and case studies will business experts showcase?
  • What should policy makers do in the Post-COVID Era? What lessons about global coordination should we draw from this pandemic? Will rapid changes from businesses and society require new policies or will new policies drive change?

Online from June 20, 2020

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