Post-COVID Summit’s website now live

The Post-COVID Summit’s website is officially live!

Post-COVID Summit is a virtual conference organised by Atomium-EISMD on November 17th to 19th, 2020. By bringing together academia, business, policy-makers and media, the Summit commits to shaping the crucial debate on the Post-COVID Era and thus delineating a multi-perspective vision of the world after the pandemic.

During a three-day virtual event, brilliant speakers will discuss the challenges and opportunities of the future of their areas of expertise: policy-making, healthcare, economy and finance, tech, business and much more.

› Which ideas do leading academia experts want to advocate?
› Which strategies do companies intend to implement?
› What should policy-makers do?
› Will change require new policies or will new policies drive change?

Post-COVID Summit will address these crucial questions by exploring and developing the insights that outstanding speakers will contribute to the conversation on the Post-COVID Era.

You can take a look at the speakers that will be joining the Summit here.
More speakers will be announced soon!

To find out more about the Summit, visit: