REIsearch – Bringing together
researchers and policy makers

REIsearch connects researchers and policy makers tackling topics that shape our future in order to promote evidence-based policy making. REIsearch was launched in 2016 as official pilot project proposed by the European Parliament.

The platform with an integrated aggregation system provides access to data and scientific contents to policy makers and citizens interested in scientific topics and their societal impact, facilitating access to articles, journals, legislative and policy documents and scientific data stored in different databases. Currently, REIsearch grants access to over 115 million publications from different databases as well as to all the legal and policy documents contained in the EUR-Lex database. See


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Improving Public Engagement in Science

Public engagement in science is a key priority for REIsearch. In the first three years of activity REIsearch has focused on specific subject areas such as Chronic Diseases, in collaboration with European Commission’s DG Sante, Next Generation Internet and Digital Skills, in collaboration with DG Connect, reaching hundreds of thousands of European citizens with its media campaigns and survey. 


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The Media Campaign on Chronic Diseases

The start in 2016 on the topic of chronic diseases reached around 60.000 EU citizens out of which nearly 16.000 took part to the related survey. See the results of the Media Campaign on Chronic Diseases


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The Media Campaign on The Next Generation Internet

In April 2017 REIsearch has launched the Media Campaign on “The Next Generation Internet”. The Campaign aimed to be the largest public consultation on the future of the internet, involving both experts and citizens across Europe. Over 34.000 people have been engaged in the campaign between April and June 2017, while the social media campaign reached over 850.000 people. See the results of the Media Campaign on the Next Generation Internet


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The Media Campaign on Digital Skills

In 2018 REIsearch focused on a new Media Campaign on Digital Skills: Big data, analytics and AI; Social and New Media; Internet of Things Cybersecurity and Privacy. This last edition of the media campaign engaged more than 66.000 people on the new platform. The gamified survey to evaluate one’s digital skills has been played by 26.000 users among which 12.000 (45%) completed the game in full. See the results of the Media Campaign on Digital Skills


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The Media Campaign on the Post-Pandemic Word

The next REIsearch media campaign will be organised in November 2021 for three weeks. It will focus on the Post-pandemic word. The aim is to inform citizens about the academic and business debate on the transformations in three key areas – Health, Economy and Information Technology- that the Post-pandemic world will bring to their life. Leading representatives from academia, business and politics will be invited to contribute to the debate with exclusive articles and interviews to help understand the challenges posed by the transformations we face. The campaign will include a survey -organised
together with the media partners of Atomium-EISMD- to invetigate and assess European citizens’ level of awarenes.


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