Simetia – Advancing the global collaboration between academia and business

SIMETIA is a global platform enabling the exchange of knowledge between Academia and Business – advancing the collaboration between the two sectors.

Building upon the leading universities and businesses already involved in Atomium-EISMD, SIMETIA provides companies with an expanded opportunity to globally locate pre-vetted researchers perfectly matched to their business needs.




Unfulfilled Potential

Current market research shows that often researchers and businesses have an established relationship -but only at a local level (80% of existent relationships take place withing a local context).

This means there is a large unfulfilled potential for global cooperation. SIMETIA aims to give businesses a widened and more appropriate choice to support their research projects, going beyond what is offered by the universities in the territory in which they are located.




Advisory Board

Atomium-EISMD is currently establishing the SIMETIA Advisory Board: the newly appointed Chairman of the Board is Robert Madelin, formerly the Director General of DG Connect (Department for Communications Networks, Content & Technolog) at the European Commission as well as Senior Innovation Adviser to President Juncker.





SIMETIA is co-funded by the European Commission and Atomium-EISMD and will be launched in London on September 29th, 2020.



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