Top Technology Titans That Shaped The Landscape In 2019

Dave Altavilla of Forbes recognizes the achievements of some of these major tech companies that set new standards in performance and enabled better experiences in 2019. Here some of them:

Google LLC
Google demonstrated the embodiment of real artificial intelligence this past year.
Google Assistant has been cited as the most intelligent personal assistant AI currently, versus the likes of Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa, but it also now allows you to converse in any foreign language on the fly, in Interpreter mode.

Intel Corporation
This year finally did mark Intel’s success with its 10nm Ice Lake mobile processor launch and its integrated Gen 11 graphics technology.

Qualcomm Technologies Inc.
Qualcomm is a comprehensive solutions provider of 5G technologies from modems and processors for client devices like handsets and laptops. It is a critical technology supplier for the 5G rollout and the company is uniquely position with solutions for not only devices like Apple’s next gen iPhone and Samsung’s next Galaxy, but virtually everything else that will be 5G-connected as well.