Towards a Good AI Society
Tony Blair opens the Summit

6th November 2018, Brussels:
Towards a Good AI Society Summit, hosted at the European Parliament, saw keynote speeches from UK’s former Prime Minister Tony Blair, Huawei’s Chairman Howard Liang, DG Connect’s Director General Roberto Viola and Elsevier’s Chairman Ron Mobed.

In his opening keynote, UK’s former Prime Minister Tony Blair framed the growing and all-pervading role of AI and automation in general as possibly the greatest challenge of our time. Speeches by other delegates, namely Huawei’s Western Europe Regional Sales Vice-President, Gaston Khouri and Elsevier’s Ceo Ron Mobed underscored the opportunities for job creation and collaboration between intelligent systems and human workers to increase productivity and competitiveness as well as the need for “trusted” systems as we already have in other advanced industries.

The Summit brought together more than 200 delegates and several global figures in the areas of government, industry, research and civil society to debate on how to respond to the social challenges introduced by digital technologies such as big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity, and social and new media. In this context, particular attention has been dedicated to how the potential benefits of AI can be realized by all.

In the final remarks, Mady Delvaux, MEP, Vice Chair Committee for the Legal Affairs, stressed the need for more investment in AI based technology in Europe as well as in people while Patricia Fernández de Lis, Science Editor at Spain’s El Pais, stressed the need for AI technicians and researchers to break out of their silos and engage in a wider discussion with society stakeholders at large as this dialogue is presently not taking off.

Robert Madelin, visiting Research Fellow at Oxford University and the moderator of the Summit, delivered the closing remarks, and identified crucial points that emerged from the summit.

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